Bequest.    Support Bella Voce with a simple planned gift—entirely free of taxes—through a bequest in your will or trust.  Simply add a statement of intent to your planning documents.   You can choose to give a percentage, residuary assets, or a specific dollar amount.  

Life Insurance.  Consider gaining a charitable deduction by naming Bella Voce as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Retirement Plan Assets.   Consider naming Bella Voce as beneficiary to a retirement plan to gain tax advantages.

Establish an Endowment.  If you plan to donate substantial assets of over $100,000, consider helping us establish an endowment for the long-term financial viability of Bella Voce.


For any of these paths of giving, you may contact our Executive Director or else learn about methods of payment.

At any time, you may donate now or download a pdf of ways to give.