Bella Voce crafts performances that engage audiences in the dialogue between early music and the music of our time.


Since its founding in 1983 under the name His Majestie’s Clerkes, Bella Voce has delivered its unique, disciplined choral performances to live audiences in Chicago and environs.   Our name comes from the Italian for “beautiful voice,” and the name itself emphasizes that from a group of musicians we craft a single voice.  We take great pride in our clean and precise sound, evolved from the Cathedral Choirs of Britain—a sound characterized by a clean and pure upper register and a muscular bass.

For over thirty years, Bella Voce has cultivated the one living tradition of choral music from the earliest chant to contemporary creations. Our wellspring is in the works and performance practices of the European Renaissance and Baroque traditions, and modern masters who invoke or innovate within those traditions. Occasionally, we break those boundaries in ways that help our audiences discover and enjoy more fully this one living tradition.

Under the artistic leadership of Andrew Lewis, profiled in the 2014 Chicago Tribune as top classical artists to watch, Bella Voce’s world-class musicianship brings audiences the experience of extraordinary live or recorded musical performances that are disciplined, vital, and transcendent.

Receiving both critical recognition and media coverage,  Bella Voce, at its heart, is about sharing the joy and miracle of breath through music.  

His Majesties Clerkes, circa 1989

His Majesties Clerkes, circa 1989


Artistic Director
Andrew Lewis

Executive Director
Christopher Ruggles

Board of Directors
David Lentz, president
Jeffrey Cohen, vice president
Cynthia Spiegel, secretary
Gregory Jorjorian, treasurer
Robert Graettinger
Kirsten Hedegaard





The Singers
Thomas Aláan
Sammi Block
Scott Dankert
Julia Davids
Edward Davis
Matthew Dean
Julie DeBoer
Micah Dingler
Carling FitzSimmons
Kaitlin Foley
Henriët Fourie
Carl Frank
Daniel Fulwiler
Kirsten Hedegaard
Sheetal Heinert
Gina Hilse
Joseph Hubbard
Stephen Hyder
Amanda Koopman
Magda Krance
Laura Lynch
Chris Martin
Eric Miranda
Ron Mitchell
Keith Murphy
John Osterhagen
Stephen Richardson
Stephanie Sheffield
Corey Shotwell
Angela Young Smucker
Cynthia Spiegel
Vince Wallace
Natalie Holz Warden
Mark Winston