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Find Warmth & Community with these A Cappella Performances

Some light in the darkness. Some respite from the cold. Experience the peace and joy of this cycle of songs for nine womens’ voices and harp. Benjamin Britten composed the work during uncertain times, on a month-long sea voyage from the US to England in 1942, at the height of U-Boat activity. By chance he discovered a book of poetry at port in Nova Scotia and shaped the Middle English and Latin poems into a unity of song that continues to enchant with its Christmas vision of love and hope. Bring loved ones to share in the warmth of beautiful music and community.

Our Story

Bella Voce proudly enriches Chicago’s rich cultural tapestry through intimate, moving performances of early music and the music of our time. Since 1983, our ensemble has enchanted audiences with historically informed presentations of fascinating choral and chamber works, whether well-known, rare, or new. We invite our audiences to join us in discovering artworks that have the power to lift us up, move us, and transform us. Our concerts are crafted through research and careful attention to performance practices. In 2018, after years of partnering with Chicago’s top period instrument orchestras, we formed our own, called Bella Voce Sinfonia, to bring works for voice and orchestra to life. Our repertoire and performance practices are rooted in the discipline of the English Renaissance and European Baroque traditions, and we boldly break boundaries to challenge our audiences to explore the expressive and artistic potential of the human musical imagination. We are committed to Chicago and to making the world a more peaceful & more beautiful place through art.

Bella Voce Documentary

In this brief documentary video, Bella Voce's Artistic Director Andrew Lewis reflects on the art and craft of singing and of making choral music.

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